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Give us your best shot

Harry and I will be heading back into the recording studio soon (i.e., the kodo at the Jodo Shinshu Center) to record some new episodes to be released in December and January. We’ve got some ideas rolling around our heads for podcast topics, but we really want to know — what’s on your mind?

Got a burning question you’ve just been dying to ask? Now’s your chance! Maybe you want to know more about basic Jodo Shinshu teachings or practices (that Shin Buddhism 101 idea is still fresh in our minds). Or maybe you’d like hear more about Buddhism in the U.S. Has something come up in a study group or a class and you want our take on it? Want to hear more about the media or current events? Whatever’s on your mind, let us know, and we’ll try to answer it in an upcoming episode.

Drop your question into the comments below, send us an email, or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter. And thanks for listening!

1 thought on “Give us your best shot”

  1. Many thanks for the podcast, it’s a great blessing for all of us, especially those of us who are far away from the nearest temple. On that note, perhaps more could be done to connect “the diaspora”, such as webcasting services and study groups? I believe it can be done fairly easily and cheaply, and it could even be a potential source of revenue. I’d pay for it! Many thanks and best wishes, Robin 🙂

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