Shin and Zen Practice, part two

We take up the issue from last time, wandering around the historical circumstances of exclusive practice, Kamakura-era Buddhist schools, deal with how the context in which one practices matters, ritual efficacy, heresy, and whether there’s really a difference between zazen and nembutsu. We don’t really answer the question of whether or not one can combine… Continue reading Shin and Zen Practice, part two

Why do Shin Buddhist practice?

Random Buddha sticker on a telephone pole in Berkeley.

In prepping for our last episode on how to do Shin Buddhist practice, we started thinking about why people do practice and the question of motivations. The conversation starts with a reflection on a conference paper Scott heard early in the summer about Buddhism, the self-help industry, and BCA's "Zen envy" (hat tip to James… Continue reading Why do Shin Buddhist practice?

Reflections on mental health

I'm not going to rehash the ongoing conversation online about Aaron Alexis who, early this week, killed twelve people before being killed himself by a Washington, D.C., police officer. It's pretty clear by now that he had been interested in Buddhist for a while, but whether or not that's relevant to why he did what… Continue reading Reflections on mental health

Post-modern Shinshu: part two

It's been a year since Harry and I started our podcast! But, this episode isn't really about that — I just thought I'd acknowledge the milestone and take this opportunity to say thank you to all our listeners and fans. In this episode, we continue our discussion of postmodern Shinshu and Buddhism more or less… Continue reading Post-modern Shinshu: part two