Introspection, Buddhism (and Bill&Ted)

Buddhism and Introspection: in which we ramble on for a time about the extent to which Buddhism is introspective, about controlling, watching, or purifying the mind, an extended exercise in trying hard to look inside one’s psychology and recognize our inner habits, shortcomings, and personal narratives. Image Credit: Buddha Land (c) 2008 by John Nakamura

Why Buddhism (and mindfulness) part three: with special guest, Mushim Ikeda

Our third and final episode with special guest Mushim Ikeda from the East Bay Meditation Center. In this show, we use the current popularity of mindfulness based meditation practices (and their secularized off-shoots) to answer the “why Buddhism” question. We discuss what mindfulness means in classic Buddhist terms (satti/smrti as well as Pure Land nenbutsu)


Our first show of the fall season (recorded earlier this summer) was inspired by a bumper sticker of all things: if you want peace, work for justice. Harry and Scott take up the question of what is justice? And what does justice mean in a Buddhist context? Of course never ones to give you a

Mindfulness: part two

In part two of our inaugural, two-part podcast, we finish our discussion of mindfulness practice not only in Buddhism more generally but how it relates to the nembutsu; nembutsu practice is mindfulness practice in that it “brings to mind” Amida Buddha. Thanks for listening! Play in new window | Download (43.3MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Apple

Mindfulness: part one

In part one of our inaugural, two-part podcast, we discuss mindfulness as a Buddhist practice. What is mindfulness? What are we being mindful of? And what are the implications of this practice? Be sure to download part two as well! Thanks for listening! Play in new window | Download (20.9MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts