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5 thoughts on “Have a question?”

  1. Hi Reverend Harry and Scott,
    In one of your podcasts, you mentioned that “…the Buddha said alot..” and also that “…he contradicts himself at times…” (or something to that effet). Anyway, i was wondering how Buddha’s writings/teachings are authenticated. Could it be that there are contradictions because it was written by different people? Hope you didn’t already answer this in your podcasts and i just missed it.
    Thank you,

  2. Excellent podcast, gentlemen! I just discovered it today, and I am riveted to your “chats”. I found out about your podcast from a post on E-Sangha, which I also just recently joined.

    I formed the Boston Shinshu Buddhist Sangha 10 years ago, and though we have been inactive for the past few years, I feel the sangha still exists on some plane. Our sangha was supported by both Rev. Taitetsu Unno and Rev. T.K. Nakagaki (NYBC). We suffered membership attrition and loss of our meeting space. We hope to get back up and running. Meanwhile, your podcast is a great resource, and I hope it will continue as you are off to a great start.


  3. Hey, how about a Dharma Realm podcast differentiating the traditional “Christian” concept of salvation with Jodo Shinshu’s? Maybe define both first (good luck! or would that be easy?) Are they the same, radically different? Help me get my head around these two permutations. Really I hate the word salvation…..honestly I’d like to hear two well-educated Jodo Shinshu practitioners banter about this. My Temple, Ekoji (VA) is highly diverse, ethnically, racially. We need to help others (newcomers) understand what Jodo Shin Shu has to offer in this regard.

  4. Hey Ed, thanks for question! We’ve actually four episodes ready to be posted over the next couple of months, some of which might (indirectly) answer these questions. Also, we have big plans for something that might directly answer the question! So, sit tight. We’re workin’ on it! And thanks for listening!

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