Listener questions: practice

In our first “listener response” episode, we tackle the question of how to practice Shin Buddhism (or any kind of Buddhism) if you don’t live near a community. Our take on the issue begins, appropriately enough, on the Internet and how the Web can be a great source of information. But, of course, the Web isn’t always so great in creating human connections, and often the Web is little more than a place to read stuff. Reading isn’t for everyone, after all, so we suggest practicing the recitation of the nembutsu (namo amida butsu), constructing an altar (or butsudan) and of course seeking out good spiritual friends (or kalyanamitra).

If you’ve got a question, feel free to drop us a line either through the site or our Facebook page, and we’ll do our best to answer in a future episode.

Mentioned in this episode is the very good web resource, Shin Dharma Net, maintained by Prof. Alfred Bloom at

1 thought on “Listener questions: practice”

  1. Hello Reverend Harry and Scott,
    I’m a “first time “caller”” although i’ve talked with you, Reverend, several times. As a matter of fact, i just talked with you yesterday in Lodi and asked you some questions i had on some of your podcasts. Thanks for your answers.
    I just wanted to write to say i enjoy your podcasts very much. I’ve gained new perspective on Buddhism, but still have many questions which come up as i’m listening, but then i don’t write them down and then i forget about it. The next time i listen and a question comes up, i’ll be sure to write to you right away.
    I’ve been to many Memorial services and a few regular services but don’t get much out of them, sorry to say. I think i’ve heard all of the “regular” stuff–impermanance, 4 noble truths (which i was surprised to hear from you isn’t mentioned in Shinran’s texts), suffering, etc. many, many times. So i really like the free wheeling, expert conversations you two have. You cover alot more ground. It’s good that you both have a good sense of humor, too.
    Hope you keep the podcast going for many years.
    Thank you,

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