Reincarnation: part one

In the first of two episodes on the endlessly entertaining topic of reincarnation, we start off talking about whether reincarnation really is even a part of Buddhism (we say yes!) and pop-cultural ideas about rebirth (we reject them!). But getting into the nitty-gritty of it all, we discuss how reincarnation can be possible even with the core Buddhist doctrine of no-self, and how reincarnation is actually a pretty bleak prospect. Samsara — the six realms of rebirth — is place of endless wandering from birth to birth until one finds liberation. So we dwell a bit in these six realms and discuss them in their literal, symbolic, and social interpretations. But there’s still much more to talk about that you’ll have to wait for in part two. Enjoy!

Some of the stuff mentioned in this episode:
Rudyard Kipling’s Kim
The Six Realms (according to Wikipedia, anyway)
A good image of the six realms
A good image of an illustrated Ojoyoshu
More on Genshin