How to do Shin Buddhist practice

We’re back! And we’re taking up a listener question about practicing Buddhism when you’re not near a Shin community, so we’re calling this one “how to do Shin practice?” This is an important question; what is our practice? How do we do the practice? Harry breaks it down into external and internal aspects where the external is related to intellectual, doctrinal, historical studies as well as critical analysis of the teachings and the internal is personal or subjective critical self-reflection. Often times the internal is related to ritual and practice, saying the name or hearing the dharma. But it is important to note the connection between the two and the importance of living a Shin Buddhist life in community — both explicit Shin Buddhist communities and all the other communities in your life. In this episode we also touch on ritual and magic, vajrayana and tantra, and institutional aspects of the Buddhist Churches of America.

Some resources mentioned in this episode: