Singapore - Dragon Silk

Good and Evil

Okay. Some big questions this time around, none of which we’re gonna answer but we have a good time talking around the issues. Does (Shin) Buddhism give us a way to act? Are there guidelines on how to be good and avoid evil? Is it right to even judge persons as good and evil or should we talk about good and evil behavior instead? Are these categories even native to (Shin) Buddhism or are we asking questions from a non-Buddhist context? Doesn’t Shinran mention the foolish beings of good and evil? What the heck is evil anyway!? It’s a good ride. Scott says some things he’ll probably regret, Harry is as insightful as always, we run through good, evil, the Tannisho, the Golden Chain and magic and end up places we didn’t think we’d get to. Enjoy!

Photo credit: Singapore Dragon Silk, by Drriss & Marrionn