Resources for American Buddhism podcast

Here are some links and other resources to books and websites referenced in our podcast on American Buddhism.

Lodi Kung Fu!

Scott’s list of Buddhist books

Thomas Tweed’s musings on “night stand Buddhists” or “Buddhist sympathizers” can be found in American Buddhism, edited by Williams and Queen. A very expensive copy is on Amazon, but you may find a better deal at your local used book store.

The Preliminary Practices of Tibetan Buddhism, by Geshe Rabten, translated by Gonsar Tulku, compiled by Georges Driessens, published by Library of Tibetan Works & Archives, 1974. Second Revised Edition, 1994.

Parinirvana Sutra

Kenji Babasaki:
On the web
On The Buddhist Channel

BBoston Museum of Fine Art – Japanese collection

San Francisco Asian Art Museum