Mindfulness: part one

In part one of our inaugural, two-part podcast, we discuss mindfulness as a Buddhist practice. What is mindfulness? What are we being mindful of? And what are the implications of this practice?

Be sure to download part two as well!

Thanks for listening!

1 reply on “ Mindfulness: part one ”
  1. Dear Harry Sensei,
    I am a member of the Alameda Buddhist Temple and I have been to many of the lecture series at JSC. I asked Emiko at JSC about a possible project for my Philanthropy course I am taking. She told me about your podcast needing equipment and I just got through listening to part of it. What a great vehicle. I am an oldie and am not familiar with pod casts but it looks soooo good. I can see how I can learn alot from it.
    If you like I can use this as my project. I will need some information, and as I am new to grant writing, I will have to ask several times and do some back and forth emails. I would like to get a letter of intent to my instructor and then come up with the grant proposal while looking for a funder. I cannot guarantee any results!!
    So if you are willing to be my guinea piggy, I can come up with some of the important questions. If you have information as to the background of this project and general information, I could get started. Have you determined how sucessful you are now? How are you being funded now?


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