the DharmaRealm: Generations

Right off the bat, pretty sure I goofed the origin story of the word “meh” and its reference in The Simpsons. I’m sure someone out there will correct me in the comments.

If you can get through the first ten minutes of what’s basically a therapy session for Harry and the next five minutes of us talking about Godzilla, we get to our point: generations are complicated. There’s a seemingly easy correlation of Japanese-American generations and the Shin Buddhist experience in the US, but after the third generation — as the community becomes more diverse and what it means to be Asian/Japanese/American/Buddhist/a-member-of-specific-generation changes — things get fuzzy. We talk around a lot of issues about how inter-generational dynamics play out in the BCA, and you’re gonna wanna stick around for the next episode.

(Also, note to self: buy Harry a Transformer for his birthday.)

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(c) 2007 by Kirk Teetzel