American Buddhism: part two

In part two of our episode on American Buddhism, our conversation meanders from such topics as: How does one become a Buddhist? What is the relationship between becoming a Buddhist and intellectual study? How import is taking the three refuges? How important is community? We also discuss the important role that Buddhist art and images… Continue reading American Buddhism: part two

Resources for American Buddhism podcast

Here are some links and other resources to books and websites referenced in our podcast on American Buddhism. Lodi Kung Fu! Scott's list of Buddhist books Thomas Tweed's musings on "night stand Buddhists" or "Buddhist sympathizers" can be found in American Buddhism, edited by Williams and Queen. A very expensive copy is on Amazon, but… Continue reading Resources for American Buddhism podcast

American Buddhism: part one

In our conversation today, we discuss the difficulty of talking about the large, diverse set of practice traditions collectively known as "American Buddhism." How can you talk meaningfully about such a wide array of Buddhist communities, beliefs, and practices? And how do we engage non-Buddhists and those new on the path who may have their… Continue reading American Buddhism: part one