First live show: a certain reality

On Friday October 2, we did our first recording before a live studio audience. Setting up in the Kodo of the Jodo Shinshu Center, Harry and I did a little live mixing of our theme music before launching into a regular podcast, this one inspired by a listener question. The question? What’s the Pure Land? No easy task, of course, and our answers — even before a live audience — had our usual meandering quality, touching on such issues as where is the Pure Land, when are we born there, and most importantly, what’s the point of being born in the Pure Land? (Hint: it’s to do Buddha-work here in this world.) This episode’s catch phrase was that the Pure Land has a certain reality which forces us to question our practice and our path.

The live recording went on for a good couple of hours, so we’ll have more episodes from this one event. And this was certainly not the last time we’ll be recording before a live audience. So be sure to check the website or our Facebook page for updates.